About Us

With above of a decade experience in the industry, we brought our talent and passion to start Light&Shadow Pictures in North Hollywood, CA since 2017.

The Team that Makes
All Magic Happen

Our team is incredibly passionate about film - from the initial creative process to the nitty gritty details. We are a group of highly driven professionals that are ready to dedicate our time, speciality and expertise to work with you.

Troy Chiu

Founder / Director of Photogrphy

David T.W. Yu

Director / Creative Director

PoHan Lu

Director of Photography

Andy Chunyu Chu

Gaffer / Grip and Electrician Department

Joy Sungting Yang

Sound Mixer / Boom Operator

James Tose

Sound Mixer

Edwin Beckenbach

Gaffer / Electrician / Director of Photography

Hugo Shih

Colorist / Editor

The Expertise and
Services we Provided

We are a full-service production company dedicating to produce exceptional content for various clients' needs. Our goal is to ensure that each video we produce is smart, engaging, and achieves its purpose.


Committed to Quality

L&S is fully equipped with production equipment. We can provide camera, G&E equipment with professional services. Are you ready to shoot your project? We offer almost everything a producer needs for any kind of projects.


Experience Movie Magic

It is not just editing. We focus on both creative and technical part of the last but not least stop of your filmmaking journey. We are dedicated to improve the quality of production and helping directors to tell their story.

Creative Development

Where a Story Begins

Have an idea but need some helps to bring it to reality? You can count on us. We will devote all our creativity to assist you and bring your project to production while still staying within your timeline and budget.

Tech Support

Camera and Lighting

Started from Grip and Electronic assistant, our funder Troy Chiu and L&S team are able to provide all technical support for your camera and G&E. Instead of trying to fill in each position, our one-stop tech service can bring equipments and professional crews to your set with surprisingly great rate to fit in your budget.


The Entire Game

From location sound to post-production, our sound mixer delivers a positive friendly attitude throughout the production day, and our recording mixing room can handle all of your production needs from studio recording to distribution.


What Brings a Film to Life

L&S in associate with Cineportals bring your stunning film to life. We handle all the deliverables for you, including IMF, DCP, Bluray, DVD, and even more, so you can focus on promotion. You name it, we make it.

Our Partner

Work with us!

Our customized project workflow creating a stress-free experience for you.